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Zachriel hadn't been planning to go to the festival, after all it took place during the evening and he did not quite like being out in the dark. It was pure coincidence that he actually decided to go. The reason was that he had heard a rumor about a great musician that would be playing there, and it sparked his interest. Plus, it was a chance to show of his traditional clothing. He couldn't say that it was easy to get into, nor comfortable to wear as his normal clothes, but he looked great.
Finally arriving at the festival he walked around aimlessly, trying to find someone or something he could occupy himself with. Of course, the atmosphere was lovely with the softly shining colored lights, the laughter, and the smell of candied almonds, but Zachriel still thought this whole thing was kind of silly.

The journey to the great lakes had not been overwhelming, traveling through the forest was… nostalgic for Kyaros. Novu’s Festival had been a long tradition, even when Kyaros was still young. The music, the atmosphere, the vendors had mostly changed in the last hundred or so years, but some things remained the same. The flying lights, shimmering on the dark water, the homesick smell of traditional foods, the noise of crowds. Every year, the festival was shrouded in Ky’s memories.
He meandered through the vendor’s booths, his golden armor glinting in the light of the hanging lamps. He had paused for some time at a booth selling classic novels and informational books, all of them held his attention as he flipped through.

Zachriel sighed deeply as he took a look around, annoyed by the fact that he didn't recognize anyone. The main thing seemed to be releasing lanterns into the river, and Zachriel knew what it was supposed to symbol, although he found it awfully naive and wouldn't join in. After walking further he was relieved to see familiar face and he didn't think twice about walking up to the Ner he had met in the cafe. "So, I see you're here as well," he commented, checking out his clothing and armor.

"Zachriel" Kyaros blinked, not expecting the angelica to be in attendance. "You look good. Are these day realm garments?" He carefully studied Zachriel's outfit with a discerning eye. He put down the book he had in his hand, back in its proper place on the booth's table.

"Ah, yes, they are," he replied, quickly looking down at his feathered collar before he met the others eyes. "You don't look bad yourself either." Taking a step forward, folding in his wings to not knock anything over, he moved away his eyes to take a look at what they were selling.

Ky also returned his gaze to the books spread out before them. “There are some interesting books here. Mostly classical literature.” Most of these titles, he had already read long ago. Working as a scholar and librarian gave ample time for him to be caught up on such books. But there still were a few he hadn’t read. Many of the copies laying about were bound beautifully, with artful script and embossments, some were even adorned with gold leaf. The ner couldn’t help but admire their beauty as well.

Zachriel had his prejudices about the festival, so he was surprised to see something that interesting. Replying to the other with a hum he reached down to touch and examine some of them, tempted to buy one or two if he found something good he hadn't read before. "I didn't expect them to have something like this here.”

“There’s always a little of everything sold here. There’s something to interest everyone. I come every year.” Ky said this very coolly but he felt a warmth inside when thinking of the festival. “Or, almost every year.” He peered down the alley of merchants, lit up by colorful lamps. People were parading up and down, bustling with pleasant talk.

"It's my first time here. I never bothered to visit the festival," Zachriel said and moved away his hands from the book, deciding to buy one later when he didn't need to carry it around. "Are you here alone?" he asked as he straightened out his back. From what he could see many people went with friends, family or their partners.

The question had a surprising impact on Ky’s mind. Alone? It brought back memories of when he did come with someone, hundreds of years ago. How strange. But, those thoughts managed to manifest at the festival every year. He remembered those he had with him those countless decades ago. “I don’t usually bring anyone.” The answer was simple, as usual. “There’s a sweet tenor to being here when the lights are officially released.” Without realizing it, he had tried to change the subject.

"Ah, I see. Makes sense though, if you bring someone you'll have to compromise with everything," he replied, suspecting that the other was hiding something, but he wouldn't pressure him to say anything and pretended nothing happened. "Lights... Yeah. I guess it can be pretty." Letting out a huff he placed a hand to his side.

Kyaros heard the huff and it actually brought a small smile to his face again. Strange. Good thing he was kind of facing away from the other man, it wouldn’t be as obvious. “I should think you would appreciate beautiful things, considering.” He took a few steps to the other side of the booth. “It’s nearly time. If you’d like a good view, you should come along.”

"I do appreciate beautiful things, but it kind of bothers me that it's so dark. I do have horrible eyesight when the sun's down," he said with a hint of annoyance. Hopefully he'd be able to actually see the lights at all, even if they found a good place. "Sure, let's get going.”

“Your eyes will be drawn to the light, just like mine. We have the same sight.” Ky could understand how it might be more difficult for Zachriel, considering he grew up in a place where the sun always shone. Kyaros had the advantage of experiencing a lifetime spending half the day in the darkness. Leading the way through the crowd, his shoulders became relaxed. The path grew darker, and of course it was difficult to see but he could still make out the hill where he always sat. There were a few others there this year, but that didn’t bother him. It was an excellent vantage point. To illuminate the ground, Ky summoned some lightning to his fingers, its light flickering playfully on the ground. It was weak, in the cloak of night, but it did help.

"Probably. But honestly I think I'm horrible for being horrible at seeing in the dark." Zachriel muttered something else that were both hard to hear and unimportant, showing his whiny attitude. Perhaps he was going to ruin the fun for the other, though he didn't care. He appreciated that Ky made it easier for them both to see where they were going, otherwise it'd be hopeless for the Angelica to find his way. "Will you light a lantern too?”

“You come from a place with no night” Kyaros stated. They continued to walk up the hill, the path growing narrow. Ky diverged from the path onto the cool grass near the water, where he stooped to the ground, sitting. “I light a lantern every year.” He removed a folded lantern from his bag.

"Hmm. Well, seems like a popular thing to do," Zachriel commented, failing to see what was so great about it. He had already made up his mind, daytime was always more beautiful that nighttime, no matter what.

Ky leaned back on his arms, staring up at the sky, his face emotionless. There was nothing he could make out up there, it was dark, void, dotted with far off stars. "Humans enjoy the day and the night equally.. Lighting up the night excites them." He pulled the lamp open and lit up the candle. In the distance, along the lake's shore, many lights began to emerge. Some even began to float. Ky let his go, watching it float upwards. A whole sea of lights began to rise from around the lake, the visual images echoing on the lake's mirror.

"You probably know humans better than I do, so I guess you got a point there," he said as he carefully sat down on the grass, not wanting to get any marks on his outfit. He watched as the other lit and let go of his lamp, following it with his eyes as it rose to the sky slowly but steadily. Perhaps it was kinda beautiful. "I assume you do this every year as well." Zachriel didn't really care that he broke the silence, hopefully the other wouldn't mind his disrespect of the moment.

"Yeah." Ky watched as the last stragglers sent their lamps into the sky. "What did you come here for?" He inquired, "You didn't seem impressed with the vendors or the idea of the floating lights." His face turns to look (slightly downwards) at his temporary companion.

"There should be some music later that I'd like to hear, and wearing traditional day realm armor is fun, so I thought I'd give it a shot," he replied, giving him a short look before watching the lanterns again. He wouldn't admit the fact that he didn't want to be alone, which probably was the biggest reason for coming to the festival.

Ky scanned his memory, trying to remember what would be played live in the schedule. “What was it that caught your eye? The stage is a quarter mile around the Lake.” He hadn’t taken much of an interest in listening to most of the music.

"Some famous musician, [name]. She's said to be amazing live, so maybe I'll think she's decent," he said and shrugged, looking over at the other as he leaned back. It was kinda nice to be out there with Ky after all, somehow he made him feel a lot calmer than he usually was in the dark.

"I've heard of her." Ky vaguely recalled the time. "If you want to make it to hear her sing, you should probably leave now." He took once last look at the night sky. "I'll go with you, if you want." He surprised himself again with that offer. It was nice, being around someone again. Maybe it was the fact that Zachriel was also daybound that put him at ease. Maybe it was something else.

"Sure, come with me," he said and gave him a short smile, an honest one, pushing himself up from the ground. Zachriel was a bit tempted to just spread his wings and fly there, but it would be a bit idiotic since the other offered to go with him.

Ky rose from his seat, brushing himself off. “Let’s go.” He said, “There’s only so much time to get there.” He stretched his shoulders, rotating them, limbering out his long stiff legs. It was a good thing Ky knew the area. While he was sure Zachriel would be able to easily gain his bearings from the air, the dark night might prove unsettling while flying over the lake.

"Sounds like a good idea, Ky," he agreed, following him with his eyes as he stood up until he was looking up at him. There weren't many people who were taller than Zach, so he was kinda amused by the fact that the other was taller. "I hope it's good. I do really enjoy music but I can't sing for shit myself. That much for a angel voice, huh?" he said with a chuckle as he walked towards where they had been coming from. However it didn't take long for him to stop as his eyesight was getting bad, so he decided to let the other lead the way.

Inwardly, Kyaros laughed to himself. “I don’t sing very well either… it’s great to listen to someone who can.” He noticed the other falling behind one step. “You can take my arm if you need extra guidance.” To be honest though, Kyaros could only find his way through memories in the daylight. If a rock were to pop up, he’d fall flat on his face beyond a doubt. The blind were, indeed, leading the blind.

Zachriel didn't really know why he hesitated to take the others arm for a moment. He knew when he was too prideful to do a certain thing, which wasn't the case here. Neither did he want to wander without guidance, so he couldn't figure it out why he'd reacted like that. As he reached out a hand to find the other he touched the others chest briefly before he finally found his arm to lightly hold on to. "Night is so useless..." he mumbled underneath his breath to himself.

Kyaros felt the warmth of Zachriel's arm, and as soon as they were linked, he continued on, not even considering the possibility of falling. He could feel his arcane growing weaker the farther the night progressed. He didn't even bother trying to light the way with more arcane conjurations.

Somehow it didn't really occur to Zachriel that the other was as blind as him and maybe that was for the best. As he was taking his next step there was something in his way, making him suddenly cling onto Ky and flap his wings in a try to prevent himself from falling. Hopefully the other had a good balance, or  he'd bring them both down.

There was a sudden unsteadiness that Ky wasn't expecting. He felt Zachriel's body suddenly so much closer, his wings desperately flapping around and the ner started to tip over in addition. His height was not his friend in this instance, he could feel his center of gravity shifting too quickly to recover from. When he officially fell over, he luckily landed back first, shielding his companion from too much harm. He grunted as he hit the brick path.

Zachriel didn't have time to think  anything through before he hit what he thought was the ground. Strangely, it didn't hurt and when he realized he'd landed on top of the other he could immediately feel his hurt pride together with the embarrassment. Luckily they couldn't see each other, then it would be even more awkward. As fast as he could manage he got up on his feet again, brushing off himself just to have something to do. "You alright?" he said, trying to be casual about the whole thing.

Ky was also feeling a heavy sting of embarrassment. What an inelegant fall. Oh well. He remained on the ground as Zachriel leapt upwards. "I'm okay" after a stunned pause he let out a light laugh. He joined zach in the land of the upright and wiped off some pine needles from his thighs. "I'm not used to traveling at night" he admits, "I do know the path, though”

Zachriel normally didn't care what others thought about him since he knew he was better that that, but being clumsy and inelegant was absolutely nothing he wanted others to know about. At least he trusted Ky to never bring this up again. "Neither am I and I usually avoid it, is it much further until we can actually see anything?" he asked with a sigh, hoping that his face would cool off soon.

After being completely righted, Ky resumed his regular calm, low tone. "It's not much farther I think." He saw lights in the distance. It was humorous to him, that the two of them had such difficulty at night whereas a human would be able to at least parse the scenery and the path. He reached for Zach's arm without a word this time, and began the walk once more. His gait was long and silent as they continued on their way.

Zachriel was relieved that Ky seemed to ignore his mistake and let him hold his arm once again. If he had to walk alone he'd never find his way back, proving how dependent he was on his eyes. As they walked he couldn't really make up his mind about breaking the silence or not, finding it a bit uncomfortable not to say anything, but at the same time embarrassed to start talking until they finally could see something blurry in the distance. "At last," he said, thankful that he hadn't brought them both down again.

Internally, Ky was also grateful to whatever deities in the ether that he himself didn't fall. That would be pretty mortifying. The silence however, bothered him not. He was mostly focused on... not... messing up. "I admit it's a relief to be in the light again." Ky let out a pleased sigh as the collection of lights grew closer and closer. He rolled up on of his long gloves to reveal a small watch. "We've still got a little time to reach the stage. It should be over there." He gestured across an arts stand where a crowd had already gathered.

"Yeah I think I can see something there... I'm happy my sight is coming back since it's so great to be blind," he said with a huff, forgetting about holding onto the others arm. Perhaps he still unconsciously wanted to do it while they walked closer to the stage, because he found the dark to be pretty intimidating.

Ky noticed his arm was still in Zach's clutches, but he didn’t mind at all. Personal contact was like a vague nostalgia too, pleasant. The brightness of the stage was dim, a common artistic choice, only the pin lights illuminating the ground, shedding splashes of low, colored light on the faces of the crowd. The only proper lighting was backlit from the nearby merchants, some already closing up their shops. “It’s still pretty dark” Ky mused. “But it’s better than the path here."

"Better, but still not good enough. I assume they go after the human standard," he said, obviously a bit annoyed by the fact that they didn't have the day bound kind in consideration.  Hopefully the music would make up to it, at least he could hear it as well as anybody else. It appeared to be starting soon, he could tell that they made the last preparations on the stage.

Truth be told, Ky liked how dark it was. His enjoyment of the fine contrast of the stars were of course dulled by his racial qualities but there was still the comfort of being wrapped in such a void as night. This was a sentiment he shared with no one. It was because of this that Zach’s reply was amusing to him. “It’ll be lit after the show, then you can go home, or lodge at the nearby inn.” He adjusts his arm in Zach’s grasp, to a more comfortable position.

"I certainly hope so," he said, letting out a quiet groan as he rolled his eyes. Night was such an useless time for him and he couldn't appreciate it one single bit, so it surprised him that Ky didn't seem to mind it. When the Ner moved his arm Zachriel took notice of and remembered that they were connected by their arms. However it didn't make him let go of him since he actually found it to be rather nice.

Ky looked over at Zachriel and back up at the pin lights. The musician had arrived onstage and was beginning with some opening remarks. Some hilarious anecdote. But Kyaros wasn’t listening too closely. When the show did properly begin, the onstage lights flashed and everyone was bathed in a hot vibrant light.

Zachriel didn't know if he enjoyed the lights or music more. It didn't really matter, he was oddly happy to share this moment with Ky, who he could consider to be his friend. Since it would be hard to be heard over the music he kept quiet, occasionally looking up at the tall Ner.

There was a lot of what could be considered “good” going on tonight. Ky knew he would leave after this set, but he felt suspended in the moment. This is what Novu’s is to him. Once a year peace overtakes him just for a little while. The music was surprisingly enjoyable, floating over them in waves. He was silent, like usual, but a warmth overtook his stature and even a little bit of his expression.

Perhaps novu's spring festival wasn't that bad after all. Zachriel found himself to be at ease and a bit awkward at the same time, holding onto Ky's arm. The Ners expression was contagious and Zachriel could soon feel a bit warmer himself, but he couldn't let himself get lost in the feeling completely. Soon the set would end and it would be over, so he didn't feel like clinging onto the momentary feeling. He'd have to go home, planning on leaving the festival which had been better than he first had expected it to be.
In which two day bound fall prey to the dark
Zachriel: MP0037 (c) SeptemberFifteenth
Kyaros: MA1057 (c) Before-Knights

What are these.... are they.... FEELINGS??

"Better than he first expected it to be" And Zachie promptly gets beaten into oblivion/the hospital. Not-So-Happy-Novu's. Meanwhile Ky's just chilling the rest of the night completely oblivious to the horror the poor angelica suffers. I feel bad. I'm technically late for the bonus by 5 minutes //crying// but yes, Zach is becoming a fan favorite over here.

Total Words: 3517
BK: 1746
Sept: 1771

It's a little past 4pm, the afternoon has an air of laziness about it. The sun filters through the billowing clouds, bouncing softly off the metallic sheen of cars, casting light through the shopwindows all throughout the thriving city of Wellsilver.
There's one coffee shop in particular where the light glows pleasantly on a book's page. Ky has enjoyed the coffee here for many years, and now sits in a large armchair in the corner where the sun's warmth falls leisurely against his skin. 
He lounges haphazardly, his long legs falling over the sides of it as his back slouches against the cushioned surface. While his curly white hair dangles messily, the rest of him is well put together--long dark skinny jeans ending in a pair of black boots, a white open button-down shirt over a light red tank top. 
He's focused intently on his book, an embellished memoir, and has been for several hours. The low chatter of the establishment does nothing to penetrate his veil of focus on it.

Usually the Angelica went to the same cafe every single time since he lived so close to that particular place, but this time he'd actually taken both time and effort to search for a new coffee shop. He had a hard time to imagine anyplace to be better but at least he'd try.
The day is lovely with the sunshine on his face and he can't deny that it takes his thoughts back to his former life in Summerhall where every day, and night, were like this. As he opens the door to the first and best shop he finds a bell chimes lightly, matching the soft and pleasant atmosphere inside. It seems to be a quite popular place, although it isn't way too crowded in Zachriel's opinion, who likes it when there's life around him. Ordering a vanilla late he looks around for a place to sit down and notices a place in the corner with large and comfortable armchairs. He doesn't mind that someone else was sitting close since he wanted to sit there in the sunlight as well and sits down in next to the man with white hair without even asking if the seat was free.

Turning a page and picking up his coffee (a chai latte) Kyaros sips thoughtfully, though he does look out of the corner of his eye to see who's decided to join him in his self-sanctioned reading corner. He spends a minute observing the angelica, who's decided to settle in so close by. Mentally, he approves of the interloper's clothing choices, and admires the general air about him. His yellow gaze lingers for a few moments, but then is ready to return to his novel.

Leaning back Zachriel makes himself comfortable by folding his wings and placing one leg on top of the other while he unties his scarf, leaving it to rest lightly on his shoulders. He has plans of reading as well, but decides to take in some new expressions before secluding himself completely. Taking a look to his side he can't help but to notice what kind of book the other is reading, and to his approval he sees that it is one of the books he currently was reading as well. "Hmm. Your taste in books doesn't seem to be that bad," he comments, taking a sip of his coffee.

The other man is speaking to him. On the one hand, Ky wants to return to his book, but on the other, the angelica isn't irritating him. He adopts his normal disinterested expression. "Do you like [author]?" Ky's voice is down to earth, almost a monotone but not quite. He looks down at the book in his own hands. "This is the second book I've read from her collection." His eyes meet with the stranger's. He picks up his drink once more and sips.

Zachriel doesn't seem to care about the fact that the other seem only mildly interested in him, even though he finds it a bit annoying that he doesn't get the attention he's used to. "Yes, I do. I have several other books by her at home and I'm actually currently reading the one you got there as well," he says, voice both proud and soft as he tilts his head to the side, meeting the others eyes with his pale blue ones.

"It's never dry" Kyaros remarks, looking down at his copy. He's finished off his coffee now, and he sets the white cup softly back into its saucer. "For a  book that's marketed as a memoir it's told in a fantastical way." His head tilts subconsciously to the left. Before, he wasn't sure how invested he'd become in talking with someone else, but now, though he doesn't realize it, he's going to be committing to an active part in the conversation. "What other books are you reading?”

Zachriel lets out a agreeing hum and takes another sip from his coffee, both surprised and pleased to have found someone who actually appreciates reading. "If it wasn't for her style of writing it wouldn't be as extraordinary at all," he says, moving the spoon in cirkles inside his cup to watch the swirls of coffee and milk. "Hmmm, for entertainment nowadays I read crappy bestsellers, unfortunatly, but I have some favorites that I can't get enough of, for example [some famous writers and some less know]. If you haven't read them already I think you' should do it as soon as possible, or you're really missing out on something.”

"I've read some [author] and [other author]. And [previously unnamed author] is a good essayist. He's a contemporary of [second named author]." Ky looks at his nails and buffs them on his shirt, which is a little counterproductive considering they aren't his real nails. "His political views are, interesting”

"Interesting.... or special, are good words for it. I don't care much for politics, however it's itriguing to read about his views." There is a brief pause before Zachriel places down his coffee on the table and brings his bag up to his lap like he suddenly remembers something important, or by judging on the look of his face, exciting. "Oh, how could I not mention this one, I'm almost disappointed in myself, but just almost," he says with a light chuckle as he picks up a weathered leatherbound book with golden foreign letters and symbols, holding it like he was holding a fragile baby. "This collection of acient poems and epos from the day realm... A treasure.”

This certainly piques Ky's interest. He sits up slightly from his reclining position and peers over at the book. "I have no experience with culture in the day realm" he says. "In fact you are the first Angelica I've spoken to at length.”

Zachriel raises an eyebrow as he looks over at the other under thick white eyelashes. "I thought you'd be a little bit more familiar with the Day realm since you're also one of the day-bound, but I guess I had the wrong assumption about you." Zachriel sounds a bit harsh and judging, as usually he can't help but to look down upon people who didn't know the greatness of the day realm's rich culture. "There aren't many Angelicas here.... Which is probably for the best anyway," he says and opens the book carefully, forgiving the others ignorance and proceeds with showing him one of his dearest possessions.

Kyaros squints his eyes slightly. "So you've seen through my human cloak" He isn't too bothered by such a thing, but its a little surprising that the other noticed. He officially closes the book in his hands, leaving a little tassel to mark his page. "Ner are daybound, but many ner born here know nothing of that world. It would be... enlightening to learn more about it." The last sentence was spoken with soft candor. He leans closer to the stranger, looking over the tome with a solid expression of interest, the first time his face has adopted such a look all day.

"I woudn't say seen, because you do look like a human after all, but by judging from your auora I culd tell that you were one of he day bound," he says, feeling satisfaction of being right, or at least close. Zachriel loves talking about the day realm and himself so of course he doesn't miss this chance to tell the other more. "Well I was born in Summerhall, so if there's anything you want to know, just ask.”

"An aura.." Ky looks thoughtful. He readjusts his position, still looking over the book with an absolutely apparent curiosity. He then looks up into Zachriel's face. "The illustrations are very distinctive.." He's not entirely sure what to ask, as usually information just comes to him passively through reading. "It must be very different there than it is here." His mind stumbles over the little information he does know about that realm.

"It's very different from here yes, the biggest difference being the never ending day. As soon as the first sun sets the other rises, which is the most beautiful thing ever. Also, there are only day bound creatures there, home of the Angelicas and their ancient culture," he says, sounding both proud and quite dreaming as his thoughts were taken back to his wonderful Summerhall.

"Must be quite an experience." For the first time, Kyaros stands up, and his ridiculous height becomes obvious. "I am going to get another coffee" He pauses. "Would you like something?" The coffee aroma is just too tempting, and he needs to stretch his legs anyway, they're growing sore from inactivity.

"Ah, make sure to experience it sometime," he replies before letting out a deep sigh, tracing his fingers over the page until he perks his head up at the question. "Yes, buy me a piece of chocolate cake would you." Zachriel picks up some money and looks up at the other, a bit stunned by his height which makes him hesitate for a bit, but he quickly snaps out of it and reaches out the money.

Ky takes the money and nods. Chocolate cake? That kind of pastry suits the angelica, he thinks. He walks over to the counter to take care of business, and he returns with the cake, coffee and a danish for himself. "What's your name?" He finally asks, purely out of curiosity.

Now it occurs to Zachriel that he never even introduced himself, though it doesn't bother him that he could have been more polite. "The name is Zachriel Nanaroth, you?" He says and reaches out for the cake that looks delicious, it had been a long time since he actually had something sweet.

"Kyaros Feirin" The ner replies, unceremoniously falling back down in his favored seat, regaining his open posture. He takes a bite of his warm danish and a sip of his coffee, the combination is delicious. "I come here a lot and I've never seen you once before”

"I certainly hope you haven't because this is my first time here, I'm not usually around this part of the city. Can't say I'm disappointed though," he replies, leaning back in the chair with the plate in his hands. As he puts the spoon into his mouth he has to take a moment to savor the bittersweet taste of the cake, if there was something that was better here than in summerhall it was the chocolate, he had to admit that. "I can see why this is a favorite place of yours.”

Ky nods, "It has always been.. good, even since its very beginning." Another sip from the coffee, this time it's a sweet macchiato. "The menu used to only include plain blends though. Now they have many more complex drinks" He pauses, lazily dwelling on something while looking beyond the window, out onto the quiet street. "Would you consider lending out one of your day realm manuscripts?” 

"Seems like they should know you by name here," he says, being quite sure the Ner was here far more often than what he would like to admit. Zachriel doesn't blame him though, he hangs around his favorite places a lot too since he doesn't like being all alone in his home for too long. "If you can promise that you'll treat it with respect and don't spill anything on it, but if it still happens you'll have to deal with the consequenses, then yes, I can lend you one of the translated copies," he says and looks over at the other to give him a nod and a hint of a smile.

Kyaros offers a soft smile in return, an atypical smile. He's actually pretty enthused about reading a book from another realm, and that kind of enthusiasm surprises even him. "It will be illuminating." He says, before standing up. "Can you bring it next time we meet?" His eyes stare expectantly. "Assuming you'd like to come back here again." He straightens his mussed overshirt and pulls a hand through his hair, though it does nothing to assuage the white curly mess.

"Wouldn't be impossible, absolutely manageable," he says with a shrug, feathers and wings shuffling around. "However, some of it gets lost in the translation just so you know, but it's still marvelous." Zachriel watches as the Ner pulls a hand through his hair and acknowledges that he actually find his messy hair good looking, almost jealous over the fact that he has to spend a ridiculously large amount of time on his own to make it look decent.

The ner picks up his messenger bag from the floor, tucking his book neatly inside. “I’m sure it will be a good read.” This is possibly the most affirmative statement he’s made about anything during their conversation. “I’m here every sunday without fail, and most weekdays besides that, in the afternoon…” He’s turning to leave. “I didn’t mention before, but your outfit is very well put together.” His coffee and danish sit unfinished, waiting for the busboy to clear them away. 

The Coffee Shop
Official meeting between Ky and Zachie

Zachriel: MP0037 (c) SeptemberFifteenth
Kyaros: MA1057 (c) Before-Knights

BK: Rping Ky is pretty hard I'll be honest since I'm usually doing really engaged, active characters, so rping a colder character is like, "How am I supposed to do this, please bear with me." But I really had a good time regardless.

Word Count
BK: 1065
Sept: 1282
[SOA] Tome by Before-Knights
[SOA] Tome
Zachriel: MP0037 (c) SeptemberFifteenth
Kyaros: MA1057 (c) Before-Knights

In which Zachriel is kindly showing his new acquaintance a day realm book script, and said acquaintance is pleasantly interested in both the angelica and the ancient poetry anthology. This was fun to do, expect more from mine and malin's rp!
[Fire Emblem] Robin's Book by Before-Knights
[Fire Emblem] Robin's Book
I'll be honest, I don't even play this game, but my friend mains Robin in SSB4 and she got it for me for my birthday! So I drew this in return. I also drew sheik but it didn't turn out nearly as good. If only this had been group artwork, I could have gotten good points for it //lament. But I'm pretty pleased! This is my first time really enjoying messing around with lighting/coloring. I'd consider this a step above most of what's in my gallery.
Novus Festival [Kyaros] by Before-Knights
Novus Festival [Kyaros]
Kyaros [MA1057]

Anima's military background is indeed impressive, even the cultural clothes are military coded! I'm super into it. 


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My names are Gabriel and Skarrow and I'm okay with you calling me Knights. I like to storify but I'm super bad at RP and it makes me nervous. My most prized characters are as follows: Aisling, Hermes, Iren, Maurus and Raoul. My pronouns are they/them/their, it/it/its , or he/him/his. My gender is pancakes. If you'd like to storify with me and build character stuff then you can message me via skype (Quandariously). Carry on.

Hey everyone! One of my favorite groups is having an opening! App checks are between January 1st and January 7th, while the opening is from January 8th to January 15th!!!!! There is a mentor system, so if you'd like me to help out, I'm available in the afternoons generally between 5-10 pm PST (GMT -8). Enjoy dystopia? Enjoy rabbit-people? Join Join Join Join Join~


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TobatoJello Featured By Owner Edited Mar 18, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
happy birthday! :iconspacejunesplz:

i want to draw you something, but like i'm late ;n; 
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Thanks for the was I not following you before O o O
Before-Knights Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2014
Your art is really beautiful!! +Watched as well now :3
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:iconyuitearplz: You're to sweet thank you
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the chary army
LostTideLover Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014
I don't think I ever thanked you for watching me a while ago, so I wanted to take this time now to show you my Appreciation!! ♥ 
You're an amazing awesome person, and I appreciate the support you've given me! 
Before-Knights Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2014
YOU'RE SO NICE GOSH... you know what I just noticed? Our rabbits in BJBB share the same card! Nine of Clubs hehehe
LostTideLover Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2014
SCREAMS amgg now I must draw our bunnies knowing that >u<~~<3
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you're not in the chat so I come here~

Happy birthday, BK! wishes you all the best :iconletmehugyouplz::heart:
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