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[Fire Emblem] Robin's Book by Before-Knights
[Fire Emblem] Robin's Book
I'll be honest, I don't even play this game, but my friend mains Robin in SSB4 and she got it for me for my birthday! So I drew this in return. I also drew sheik but it didn't turn out nearly as good. If only this had been group artwork, I could have gotten good points for it //lament. But I'm pretty pleased! This is my first time really enjoying messing around with lighting/coloring. I'd consider this a step above most of what's in my gallery.
Novus Festival [Kyaros] by Before-Knights
Novus Festival [Kyaros]
Kyaros [MA1057]

Anima's military background is indeed impressive, even the cultural clothes are military coded! I'm super into it. 
Kyaros [SOA] by Before-Knights
Kyaros [SOA]



Name: Kyaros Feirin
Nickname: Ky, Kya
Birthday: November 13th
True Age: 265
Apparent Age: 25
Gender: Male
Race: Ner
District: District 1 - Anima
True Height: 7'4
Human Height: 6'10
Weight: 245


Faction ID: MA1057
Rank: Private
Jobs: Wielder - Junior


Lazy | Blunt | Secretive | Noncommittal | Moneygrubbing | Competitive | Caring | Intelligent

Ky's personality is, overall, not very desirable. When given the opportunity, he will stay in his room, play games, watch tv, read books, avoiding any and all real work unless pushed. And, beyond the surface laziness, is a certain irreverence. While not overly antagonizing, he still treats everyone, including his betters, in a casual, off-the-cuff manner. He keeps his money to himself and won't share it even with his closest friends. Playing things close to the chest comes naturally to him, and paired with his noncommittal attitude, it's difficult for someone to know how he genuinely feels. You see, there's a heads and a tails to every coin. Kyaros is emotionally self-defeating, and therefore cuts himself off from those he has the potential of caring about. He feels comradery deeply and cares easily for people, but most don't share his long life. He's still young but has still lived through over 20 generations of humans. While on the outside, his personality can be frustrating, he's afraid of acknowledging the easy attachments he makes. He tries to keep people at arm's length, and in doing so he appears disinterested and sometimes even haughty. 
Words: 193

Sweet Pastries
Video Games
Instant Gratification
Looking Nice

Paying up
Spicy things
Being ordered around


265-248 Years Ago
Kyaros was born and raised in Anima. His parents were nomadic Ners, moving about Adrast every few years, to avoid nagging questions of their mortality. After Ky was born, they wanted to settle for awhile, to give him a sense of human life. So for the first 17 years of his life, he lived a charmed existence. He was notoriously friendly, social, well liked. After all, nobody had any clue that they weren't human. Ky's shapeshifting abilities manifested early and he found himself fairly skilled. From an early age he'd found himself a group of friends, with whom he grew up, shared many experiences. He even had a best friend, Giomalo, with whom he shared everything. Even his true identity. 
They were young when Kyaros revealed his true self to Giomalo, and Giomalo was thrilled with his "magic." They made it their own secret, just the two of them. They'd often disappear to the woods and Kyaros would shapeshift into various forms for his friend's entertainment. This carried on for many years, into their teenhood. Gio was Kyaros' confidante, someone he could trust completely.
Eventually, the time came for Ky to leave. After two years of Ky's human form not aging through puberty like normal, the townspeople became suspicious. His parents decided it was time to leave. Ky didn't want to go so easily, but his parents, who were too wise to the possibility of a witch hunt, forced him to leave. Giomalo was absolutely distraught and so was Kyaros, as they said their final goodbyes. 
248-198 Years Ago
After being completely cut off from Gio, and leaving for a new country, Ky grew more somber, serious. He made no effort to create bonds with any other humans. He grew lazy and unmotivated, as he traveled with his parents for many years, remaining a teenager for what seemed like eternity. Time passed quickly, a year meant nothing, neither did two. Ky became a complete refuse, staying in and reading by candlelight, reading everything he could get his hands on. After some 45 years, the family returned to Anima, not to the same town of course, but to the thriving capital of Wellsilver. Giomalo had not once left Ky's mind since they had separated, and so he took the opportunity to journey to his hometown. In a cloak disguise, he sought out his old friend, and found him. Giomalo was then 67 years old, married, with children and grandchildren. When Ky appeared they shared a touching reunion. 
198-80 Years Ago
Over the next hundred years, Ky completely separated from his parents and refused to leave Wellsilver. He continued visiting Giomalo frequently until his death fifteen years later. Gio's death affected Ky greatly, and he withdrew even more from the world. He got a job in a library and kept it for many years. No one every came to check out books, he had no supervisor, he recieved paper money through the mail. His age wasn't an issue. 
Many other jobs followed. Chopping wood, tutoring children, working for a grocer's, delivering newspapers. Then, arcane returned. 
80-30 Years Ago
The reemergence of Arcane changed the world. Everything was upside down, nonhumans wormed their way out of the woodwork and back into the public eye. This affected all things in Anima, and around the world. Ky however, stayed in hiding. He knew what was going on, what would happen. He could be chased off, he could be collared, killed, anything could happen. Kyaros liked maintaining the status quo, and continued with his everyday life. The appearance of his lumen and lightning arcane didn't affect him much either, he only manifested it to play with on his fingers, if he were bored. He continued as he had before. But it wasn't meant to last.
30 Years Ago-Present
The Anima Army continued hunting down nonhumans, tagging them. Eventually they caught up with him. He was taken in and tagged, he lost his job and couldn't find new employment. His collar was, it seemed, his inevitable death sentence. If it wasn't through poison, it would undoubtedly be through starvation. He was much too proud to beg, but was also unable to work. He was employed mostly in undesirable jobs. He started borrowing money from those in the seedy underworld, to sustain his lifestyle. But when he never paid them back, there were violent altercations. Finally finding it more inconvenient to be beat and to live in poverty, Kyaros enlisted in Aciescar, knowing there was room and board and decent pay. 
Words: 756


Lumen | Lightning

Fighting Style:

Kyaros is fast, as ners generally are. Despite his tallness, he attacks swiftly and deftly. While fast, he doesn't have a high stamina, so he focuses his attacks in close range, striking fast and hard to make up for his weaknesses. He is calculated and precise when fighting, making sure to know what he's doing before engaging. He has skill in measuring up opponents and striking their weak spots. He knows when to retreat and rest.


Kyaros uses a light layer of lightning arcane to enhance his blade's cutting ability. 

[Lightning Crown] [Locked]
Kyaros charges up his Lightning Arcane for an added kick. The raw power forms undulating ringlets of electricity around his horns. It is only effective while he is in his true form. It takes substantial recovery so it's most likely only usable once per battle.


Dagger | Dual Shortswords [Locked]

BJBB: Seraph [Spades] by Before-Knights
BJBB: Seraph [Spades]



We love oranges


Name: Seraph Kasem
Age: 18
Birthday: December 12th
Height: 5'5
Weight: 145 lbs
Profession: Cleaner | Spy
Rank: F-Rank-Refugee 
Card of Choice: Two of Spades
Long/California Knife

Associated Items:
Miniature Solutions [Locked]: These are soluble plastic-coated pellets that chemically 'tinge' water. Each type has a different solution with varying strengths, from weak (hey, don't have any windex? pop this in some water and bam you can clean windows like a pro) to strong (hey, don't wanna schlep around a bunch of lye everywhere? pop this in some water and bam you can dissolve a body with a highly reduced prep time!). His most used pellets include Lye (NaOH), Methylene Chloride, Sodium Hypochlorate (Bleach), trisodium phosphate. 

Childhood blanket: This is a childish thing for him to need but it comforts him when he's alone. Don't judge


Quiet | Observant | Unassuming | Bright | Dedicated | Credulous | Withdrawn | Conciliatory | Focused | Empathetic

Seraph's personality has always been a double-edged sword, allowing him to show a kindness not always deserved, but also allowing others to manipulate him with ease, even when he already knows he's being manipulated. He overly apologizes, not just for his own pitfalls, but for the pitfalls of others. He's quiet, making him an easy target. He's observant, but overly forgiving towards the 'mistakes' of his comrades. His overdeveloped empathy (though dulled towards humans) overwhelms him, especially in the brigade. There's so much pain.
His history greatly informs his personality, he takes abuse laying down, and afterward can continue on with his day. Sometimes this behavior is a great asset. He can take any number of hits, and still walk out of the fight, tight lipped and resilient. He knows better than to fight back, his body isn't suited for physical altercations, he only knows when to walk (or sometimes, run) away. 
Beneath his obvious shyness hides an occasionally sharp wit, which only rears its head around those Seraph knows the best. He has a sense of humor which he exhibits under his breath, humor that's easily overshadowed in a large crowd, but still coaxes a small, self-indulgent laugh from this quiet rabbit. 


Seraph's life, until the events leading up to his joining BJBB, was relatively normal. Just a rabbit living the average rabbit life in Pearson City, which, though average, was drastically different than the young human's experience. His father, a human immigrant from Korea, and his mother, a third-generation Korean rabbit with a strong cultural identity, were both impoverished, infrequently employed youths, but very kind people. After all, with an immigrant and a rabbit, there's very little room for class mobility. In the end however, Seraph's father (a college educated scientist) began working in a factory, and his mother found employment in rich family homes as a housekeeper and cook.
Seraph, as a child, was very somber and quiet, not easily involved in general activities. He was bullied extensively as a bookish rabbit in a highly mixed public school, as a foreigner from a foreign family, even for his feminine appearance and long hair. The torment was ceaseless through all his school years, causing a great deal of depression.
High school was also difficult. His bullies continued to cause him grief, but at least he started to find his niche interests (those being chemistry and drama). After having, since childhood, a large appetite for consuming films and broadway recordings, Seraph auditioned for the school's production of The Crucible, second semester of his freshman year. He found he loved acting and working crew, this occupation of his time helped stave away his looming depressive moods. He was often however the only person on the clean-up crew.
Meanwhile during school hours, Seraph found his favorite subject to be Chemistry. His grasp of the subject was beyond the rest of his peers and sometimes even beyond what the underpaid public teacher would want to cover. He'd read and read and his teacher would even (begrudgingly) allow him access before school to the lab and would oversee his experiments.
When sophomore year rolled around, Seraph had started to make a few friends, mostly through the drama department. Drama was dominated by humans, but they claimed to be "open-minded" about rabbits, and Seraph's talent was not undervalued there like it might have been elsewhere. Through honing his craft, he quickly became a strong contender for very important roles, despite hardly being considered for the lead. For the first time in his life, Seraph became driven to succeed, if only just in this one area. Chemistry was not a competitive love of his, but acting, it became competitive. 
Life was bearable. Good, even. Seraph had friends, if only a few. He strove to improve his acting skills and was involved in every play the department put on. In his junior year, he "uh... sort of fell" into a relationship with a popular human boy, a laid back basketball player, well liked by most of the school populace. Their relationship was a complete secret, at Seraph's request. Their meetings together were sparse in the beginning and over the summer they hardly saw each other at all. After all, his family was well-to-do and human, while Seraph's was dirt poor and bunny-eared. Senior year was the best year of Seraph's life. The rocky introduction to his first real relationship had passed, and while he and his beau still saw each other only in secret, they were in each other's arms at every opportunity. When not fraternizing with his boyfriend, he was completely focused on theater, having landed the lead in Death of a Salesman for the first semester play. During the second semester, reeling from the success of Death of a Salesman, Seraph was selected to lead in Shakespeare's Hamlet. Shortly afterwards, things started rolling in the downhill direction.
With the uproar about BJBB's activity becoming a more public matter, some insidious human bullies warmed to the idea of an excellent prank, one that would not just end in Seraph's tears, but land him in a much more sinister predicament. Completely confident in their entitlement as human citizens, they called P.O.S.R.A. to warn them of a potential terrorist threat at their school, an unassuming rabbit named Seraph Kasem. That very day, two officers came to arrest this "terrible threat" as part of their investigation uncovering BJBB activities. While his human friends and his boyfriend stood to the side silently, shamefully, he was taken into custody. 
It was there that he met some already interned BJBB members, affiliates of the very group Seraph had been accused of being a part of. When the might of the Brigade fell upon the pen to free these members, Seraph was also collected as a refugee, and taken back to headquarters, blindfolded. It became clear that going back home was not an option, as P.O.S.R.A. would become a threat to his family should he return. Out of fear for his family, he joined the brigade as an official member, hoping to be useful in any way.
When he suggested that he could clean.... he meant clean house, but instead he fell into the profession of destroying evidence. Hopefully his chemistry skills will aid in his endeavors.


Music (Piano music and hip hop)

Hurting others
Getting stuck in a role

:bulletblack: Seraph's skill in acting introduces him to the sub-profession of Spy. He easily wears personas (quite contrary to his own personality) in the field and it comes in handy when dealing with the straggling human. He sometimes has trouble snapping out of a role, the longer he plays it. He always takes time to recover from such occasions, usually locking himself away for a little while. 

:bulletblack: He often makes paper flowers in his dorm, sometimes compulsively. They remind him of his mom and they don't need the sun. Someday he may want real flowers in his dorm, but it requires energy to go get a solar lamp for them.


:bulletblack:Parents: Closer to his mom than his dad, Seraph learned how to cook and clean from her. While his cooking skills remain only at the adequate stage, he's quite good at keeping tidy. After school he would usually come home to an empty house, as his parents' work hours increased, and he would clean for his mom, to take the stress off. He did cook sometimes but she was much more masterful. They shared a love of film and would watch tv together while his dad would do crosswords or read. His dad worked even more than his mother did, so naturally they weren't as close, but his father once studied science at uni in his home country, and maintained an interest in it. They shared that bond together, reading the same books and journals.

:bulletblack:Thomas Wells: Seraph's human boyfriend, a closeted basketball star at their high school. I think it can be assumed that they broke up, in light of Seraph's arrest and on-the-lamb status. They were together for nearly a year, always meeting in secret. He and Seraph may have both troubled over the l-word but they expressed their fondness of each other readily. Thomas' silence in the wake of Seraph's arrest was perhaps one of the most painful things Seraph had undergone, as he was completely unprepared for the whole situation. 


Artist's Notes

Welcome to fake movie science with my minisol concept wow. I'm not even remotely a chemistry expert. Okay this arc, spades was arrested, i've intended for him to be rescued along with spades when that eventually happens...


Before-Knights's Profile Picture
United States
My names are Gabriel and Skarrow and I'm okay with you calling me Knights. I like to storify but I'm super bad at RP and it makes me nervous. My most prized characters are as follows: Aisling, Hermes, Iren, Maurus and Raoul. My pronouns are they/them/their, it/it/its , or he/him/his. My gender is pancakes. If you'd like to storify with me and build character stuff then you can message me via skype (Quandariously). Carry on.

Hey everyone! One of my favorite groups is having an opening! App checks are between January 1st and January 7th, while the opening is from January 8th to January 15th!!!!! There is a mentor system, so if you'd like me to help out, I'm available in the afternoons generally between 5-10 pm PST (GMT -8). Enjoy dystopia? Enjoy rabbit-people? Join Join Join Join Join~


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