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Cherry: It was nearing 11 pm and HQ was abuzz with the fresh news. Time to raise a little hell, they said. Cherry had immediately started bugging his roommate Quaid for him to come along and cause some trouble, but it looked like he wasn't up for it. SO he set off alone. His first action was to grab one of his fresher cars, beautiful matte muscle. He pulled into the HQ garage, his tires screeching to a halt. He kept the motor running, but stepped out of the vehicle, wearing washed-out booty shorts and a black crop top, topped with a plaid bandana. He scanned the now active room for clubs rabbits, already anxious to go.

Jasper: At that moment in time there couldn't have been a bunny happier then Jasper to get out of the brigade. The lockdown had left him feeling lethargic and extra lazy...not that he wasn't like that most of the time anyway. Still, even though the news of POSRA was a little concerning now was his time to shine- along with all of the other bunnies in his new home of course. He wanted to see once more what they were made of. Wide awake, the bunny grabbed his jacket and ditched his room, making his way slowly out of the HQ.

Zeke: Time for mischief. Zeke had been ready to sprint out of HQ in a matter of seconds after the announcement. After the lock down all she could think about was how it was finally time to burn shit down. Unfortunately, she didn’t carry most of her materials around, and thus had to sprint not out of HQ, but further into it to pick of her stuff.  But now that she had everything, it was finally time to search for a way to let the fire out of her veins and unto the lovely, and unfortunate, human citizens. Such a lovely thought.

The bunny ignored a few strange looks due to her lack of clothing as she exited the building and make her way over to the garage. Some may consider clothing as protection from fire, but only considered it a hazard. If you burned your skin, you shouldn’t be playing with fire in the first place. Thus, Zeke only sported gloves, shorts, and a bandeau, all in black. She carried with her a simple flame staff, a lip stick lighter, and few else.

Spotting a fellow skin-exhibionest, she strides towards him barefoot, smiling with the excitement of mischief and destruction. Though hopefully this one doesn’t talk much. Truthfully she’s interested more in his ready-car, and where it can take her, than him.

Cherry: A figure approached, and he smiled, noticing that she noticed him. "Hey you, you're clubs?" He asks. "Looks like you are" He smiled widely, a genuine grin as he opened a door for her. He could tell she was beelining for his car. Looking past her towards the HQ exits, he saw someone he vaguely recognized as a friend of Gary's. He poked his head in the window and said "Just gimme a second then we'll leave!" And he ran over to Jasper. "HEY hey you, you wanna ride?" He smiled again, more widely this time. Mischievous.

Jasper: Jasper was idly walking along, vaguely noticing the figures around him as he mapped out plans in his head, but it was harder to not recognize someone when they came right up to you. "Hm?" Hearing what the other had to say he twitched an ear,interested; seeing that smile he made up his mind,sold. "If you're going my way then damn right I need a ride." The lack of clothes completely sailed past his head, but he was more concerned about the havoc that he was itching to wreak,so it wouldn't have stuck much in his mind anyway. "You got a crew or something?" With a nod he looked toward the car and Zeke who he had never seen before.

Zeke: Without waiting for answer to the stranger’s question, he swings open the car door for her, and Zeke jumps in. She raises her eyebrow as he literally sticks his head through the window to let her know its going to take a second. “A literal second, I hope,” she murmurs as he runs to over to a stranger, asking if the dude wants a ride. she taps her foot impatiently, contemplating jumping into the front seat and driving off without them. But distracted by the newer bunny’s words: “You got a crew or something?” she leaves that plan of action behind. She, in turn, sticks her head and upper body out the window to shout “NO” with a grimace and frown, beckoning for the two males to hurry up. “Especially not if you two are going to make me wait much longer.”

Cherry: At Zeke's words, Cherry laughed heartily. He liked this lady. She's got spunk. "Better not keep the woman waiting" He hopped into his car through the window and beckoned for Jasper to follow. "I'm Cherry by the way!!" He revved the engine, resting his hand on the clutch excitedly. His ears flicked with anticipation.

Jasper: The punk couldn't help but chuckle when he heard the sudden shout of "no" come from the car. Turning to the stranger with a sly smile of his own he nodded."Better not." With that said he cut the talk and followed after the other bunny to the car,hopping in the back."Cherry? Jasper,but you can call me Ghost." It didn't really matter what people called him. The bun sat back with his hands in his pockets and folded his legs as if the car was his own."And the little lady?" He asked,not trying to make fun in any way.

Zeke: They better not keep me waiting, thought Zeke, ears twitching. They didn’t, thought it seemed introductions were a priority for them rather than hitting the streets. Her ears flicked back in impatience. They leaned even further back in distress at being called a “little lady” by the stranger who had slid in beside her. “Zeke,” she allowed as an answer to his question. She eyed him out of the corner of her eye, arms crossed, quietly appraising him. She decided on “undecided.” The fruit in the front seat didn’t seem so bad at the moment, as long as he actually drove. Prompted by that thought, she spoke with a grin. “Nearest flammable place, please,” not sounding like a request at all, despite the please.

Cherry: As soon as Cherry ensured that both parties were indeed in his car and all the doors were closed (nevermind seatbelts, those are for the weak) he sped out of the area, tire smoke trailing behind the car. He eased on the clutch and fluidly shifted gears. He easily reaching speeds of 100 miles per hour. "Okay so request 1, the nearest flammable place, what about you, Ghost?" Cherry laughed, looking in the backseat as though there was no danger of him crashing. "What direction are you headed?"

Jasper: Once he had a name, Jasper seemed content and he nodded to show he heard,closing his eyes before relaxing with the growl of the engine. it probably looked like he could fall asleep then and there,but that was just typical him. At the location request he cracked a smile, having the feeling that it would be a good day. Opening his eyes the punk replied, "Wherever the road takes us is fine with me.As long we we leave a mess behind, ya know?" He watched Cherry for a moment,wondering if they would even survive the drive to their location.

Zeke: Zeke leaned forward on the edge of the seat, not due to nervousness, but excitement and appreciation for the way the fruit drove. His name was Cherry? Yeah, he deserved to be called by his name she decided as they nearly wrecked a car in the way. Anyone who drove like that deserved a bit of respect. Plus, it was further accomplishing the mission by inspiring havoc on the streets. Her backseat companions words were already showing fruit. Any bunnies behind them would have a problem getting through due to confused and riled up drivers, but sucked for them. They should have gotten out faster. “Have a destination in mind, Cherry?” Her question faked disinterest, but it was given a bit away by the uplift at the end of her words and dilated eyes, not to mention ears leaning forward at a dangerously eager angle.

Cherry: Cherry continued to look forward but there was a particular grin on his face, a look of determination. It evolved into practically a smirk as he turned around. "There's an impound lot connected with the police in the east borough. Usually I'd be stealing the cars but I think it'd be more exciting if there were more destruction this time." He laughed again. "So what do you guys think, sound good?"

Jasper: Jasper's ears perked up at the chatter as he listened to what would determine their day."Good enough to me." It wouldn't have been his first idea since he was usually no where near any type of car,but where there were cars,there were people,and where there were destroyed police cars, there were lots of people. The best kind too. Just the thought of it was enough to make him smile to himself. Where had these bunnies been during his first days within the brigade? Looking over his shoulder the white haired bun let out a snicker at the mess Cherry was leaving behind. "Let's have some fun tonight yea?" He said,turning to face front again,though he could tell that it had already started.

Zeke: Jasper’s words caused a snicker to escape Zeke’s lips. Ah, this was already quite fun. And cars had gas tanks, and gas tanks meant explosions. And explosions meant fire. “All I have to say is when I say run, run.” She paused, looking at the two with unconcealed glee. “Because gas tanks. That’s all you need to know.” With that she turned back to face the front of the car, searching for the mentioned police station to come into view. All The while her thoughts dwelled on gas tanks, timed explosions, and ka-booms. Normally Zeke wasn’t this set on fire, but admittedly it was an addiction. Moving to the new HQ had completely disrupted her routine, causing her years and years of strict practice with flames to be put out. so now that she had the chance to light up, she wasn’t going to wait much longer. Her ears twitched in anticipation.

Cherry: In a heartbeat, Cherry banged his palm against the dashboard and answered "YEAH" to Jasper's question. And to Zeke's statement, he responded with a quieter, more devious "yeah~" Looking determined on the road. Nearing their destination, he slowed his speed to not attract attention and he killed the lights, pulling up adjacent to a chain link fence. "This is the place. It's best not to make too much noise till we're safe inside. There's usually 5 POSRA in the bungalow over there" He nodded to one of those temporary buildings in the distance, over a field of cars, both police and civilian. None of them looked too fancy, so were clearly not worth Cherry's time in stealing them. He pulled his bandana over his face, clearly in an effort to protect his identity. (He's fairly well-traveled and extremely social outside of the brigade). He hopped onto the fence quietly.

Jasper: Hearing Cherry's enthusiastic reply the punk couldn't help but chuckle with a ridiculous grin on his face."Make sure you yell it loud I don't want to be blown up okay?" He said with a sidelong glance at his backseat companion Zeke.'Gas tanks' was enough to tell him what was about to go down and even though he didn't mind playing with fire he still wanted to leave with his tail in tact.  At the sound of Cherry's voice Jasper twitched an ear and looked up,quickly taking in the scene.It would probably be really bad if they got trapped inside but he wasn't too worried about that. He had just found a new home,a permanent one at that,so he had no intention of letting POSRA take it away from him. Especially right after a move. "Seems like you come here often." The punk commented with a smirk,pulling on his hood and getting out. He let Cherry climb first and waited to see if Zeke needed help getting over.

Zeke: Jasper’s reply earned a mock-serious nod from Zeke, followed by a wolfish smile as they reached their destination. Everything Cherry said then after was quietly recorded in Zeke’s mind, stored away for future encounters and use. She watched the boys hop out of the car, each attempting to hide their face with some sort of cloth and shadow. Luckily her hair did most of that for her, eternally in the way and breezing about. She slipped out of the car to face Jasper, who apparently was waiting to see if she would balk at the fence or not. A corner of her mouth twitched at the idea of her balking at a mere fence. I grew up at a damn circus, you twit, she thought, though, of course, he didn’t know that. But for the heck of it she maneuvered over the fence in a clearly “I’m an acrobat” kind of way, landing easily with only a soft thud behind/next to Cherry.

Cherry: In response to Jasper's statement Cherry offhandedly replied "This is where they take the vehicles they suspect are involved in rabbit activity" He paused. "So they end up taking my vehicles from time to time." He chuckled and shrugged before his face donned a look of surprise as Zeke easily hopped the fence. It quickly settles into a look that said 'impressive'. He pointed to a couple of older cars. "Like those two I stole two years ago, but I never bothered to get them back since I didn't have them modified." He grinned, withdrawing two spray cans from his big baggy pockets, sizing up an enormous wall on the other side of the lot.

Jasper: Upon seeing Zeke easily make it over the fence Jasper smirked to himself. It wasn't like he expected her not too; it was more like he was on standby, but the act was still impressive and he could tell he wouldn't be needed after all. The bun raised his eyebrows briefly, as if in silent apology for his assumption before joining the two on the other side of the fence. As Cherry explained about the cars in the lot, Jasper looked over, following the others point to the two he was talking about. "Guess tonight is the night to take them back if you know what I mean?" Whether that was with fire and explosions or vandalism and all of the above didn't matter.As long as they left a mark. "Hey, got any more of those?" He was pretty empty-handed aside from his weapons, so he didn't have things like spray paint, but he could cause enough trouble without them either way.

Zeke: Eyebrow apology accepted, though Zeke didn’t respond to it as Jasper jumped the fence. She half-listened to him talk, quirking an small eyebrow in agreement. It seemed both Zeke and Jasper were deferring to Cherry boy and his prior knowledge. But he wasn’t the head authority, no, he was just taking the lead...for now… Or at least that’s what Zeke was convincing herself when Jasper asked for a spray can. If he could make a request, she gandered she could, too. “When ya’ll are done with those go ahead and hand them to me.” She patted her side bag, full of flammable and flame-causing ingredients. “I think I can put the leftover paint to good use.” She paused to eye the wll Cherry had once been staring down. “Need a distraction, or help? I can stay guard or just watch you sweat or blow things up?” Once again her hand was drawn to her near invisible side bag, which was slung behind her and had an oddly clear strap. Swaying, it clinked and jangled, a warning of the contents inside.

Zeke watched the boys, settling down to observe them and their surroundings, all the while smiling faintly about the “pyro” comment. She’d wait a bit longer before setting fire to some things, she supposed. She brushed hair out of her face as a bit of wind fondled it. No movement from the POSRA yet. All seemed well among the sound of shaking and spraying cans, not to mention the fumes. “You two going to freestyle, or collab?” She called it up to them, not truly caring if either of them heard or not.

Cherry: Cherry shrugged, a gleeful look on his face. "Dunno, guess we'll see what comes of it." He started out to the left as Jasper's head had indicated, hopping up onto a nearby car. He leapt from the car to a ledge on the next building, beginning to cover the wall with some long, extending lines, clearly meaning to cover the entire wall with Jasper's aid. He looked down to Zeke, waving pleasantly. "How's the view from down there?" He quietly called, winking with a grin.

Jasper: “Agreed.”  Jasper started out from where he was, drawing a long straight line that would later serve as the stem of their club insignia before following Cherry’s lead and extending their soon to be master piece over to the right side of the wall. Looked like it was time for a collab. His ear twitched as Cherry started to speak and the punk took a moment to smile. ”No trouble in sight I hope?” Jasper glanced briefly at Zeke before continuing to paint.

Zeke: The boooring kind of clear." Zeke drawled, positioning herself on the hood of a car. She could see the semi-active police areas, but they couldn't see her. As long no headlights were pointed at her. "And the view is pretty bright, I gotta say." Sarcasm rolled off her tongue, floating up to the boys

Cherry: Cherry found he enjoyed collaborating artistically with Jasper. He periodically looked down at Zeke's reclining form, as she kept a lazy lookout for trouble. "Next time, we should bring more of a variety of colors. I'll try to remember." Cherry chuckled, spraying another portion of a line. His ears flicked forward, picking up on some noise from the other side of the yard. He dismissed it, trusting that if something were going on, Zeke would catch it.

Jasper: The punk chuckled at Zeke's words. She was right though.Causing trouble /needed/ trouble to happen."Definitely." Jasper grabbed onto a nearby pipe to hoist himself up a bit more,so he was at a better angle. If there were more colors, it was something POSRA couldn't miss, and that was the whole point of their current objective.Unlike Cherry, he wasn't paying close enough attention to hear the noise on the other side of the yard. If trouble found them he was ok with it being sudden...even though that wouldn't be a good thing when it came to escape plans...and living to see another day, but hey that was life as a bunny,most of the time anyway."Heads up." He had focused on filling a side of his cube with paint and was about done with the can so he tossed the rest to Zeke for future use.

Zeke: Whatever noise Cherry had heard had been drowned out by the spray bottles being tossed towards Zeke. She remained innocently oblivious to it, and any incoming threat as she grumbled about flying things and the smell of paint. She picked up one bottle, attempting to spray it away from her self. Didn't really work, as her hand slipped and it dyed the bottom part of her instead. She cursed as the smell of spray paint became that much more obnoxious.
She cursed again when she heard the crunch of gravel. "Guys!" Shouting-whispering, she scrambled off the hood of the car and looked out into the darkness.
Headlights clicked on, framing silhouettes of possible unwelcomes.
"Annnnd we're fucked."

Cherry: Before any of them had taken the time to realize it, the cops on the lot had gotten wind of their presence. There was a sudden bellow. "Over there!!" And immediately Cherry cursed aloud. "SHIT!!" He dropped down onto the ground as quickly as possible, pocketing his spraypaint, picking up a thick looking pipe from the ground, readying himself for an altercation. He surveyed the area, and unfortunately their getaway vehicle was precisely on the other side of the POSRA agents.

Jasper: One minute it was fun and Zeke accidentally spray painting herself, and the next it was POSRA and danger. Looks like the boring kind of clear was over. Shit indeed. Letting go of the pipe he was holding onto,Jasper dropped to the floor without hesitation.It would be bad if they were cornered. He didn't have plans to be lined up and shot at with his back against the wall. Not for him or any of them. Though POSRA seemed to be trying to take bunnies alive,so hopefully the officers were less trigger happy."Now would be a good time to make things go boom. "He whisper shouted at Zeke from the measly cover he sought out. It was out of the light and that was good enough for him.Having white hair was bad enough.

Zeke: "Things need to go boom away from me!" she hissed back at him, scrambling into the shadows. Of course, POSRA had seen them and their fleeting figures, and broke into groups to search for them with blaring flashlights. "And either way, I'd catch on fire!"
Oh god this was not good. Exciting, but not good.
A shaky plan was formulating in Zeke's mind. It wasn't good. Likely wasn't going to work, but hey. She had gotten out of tougher situations before.
"You two get in a car or something-" She knew they probably wouldn't. But it was worth hissing in their direction as she stood up and make a rude cat calls at the men, pulling out some matches and a lighter, swaggering towards them. They began to rush, but abruptly stop as they saw what she smugly held in her hands: a fuel container, not to mention a lighter.
It was empty. They didn't know that.
Hopefully the other two would take this as an advantage and run to the car, bringing it back to pick them up. Or maybe one would, and the other make their own distraction. She just hoped to whatever was out there they called her bluff and didn't tackle her so she didn't "set herself on fire." But that was plausible, hardly knowing these two.

Cherry: Cherry had only just thrown himself down between the other two behind some old truck when Zeke stood up. Pretty ballsy, Cherry had to hand it to her, despite his own worry that SOMEONE might get killed. He had faith, however, that she knew what she was doing. But there was no opening to get to where he parked the car, and on top of all that, it wouldn't be practical to ram INTO the compound. Much more practical to... to... he peered up at the truck behind which they were crouching. Much more practical to charge OUT of it. He tested the door. Locked, of course. He looked over at Jasper. "Hey uh don't get alarmed but I'm going to smash this car's window right now. They might start shooting at us at that point." He shrugged and a playful smile lit up his face. Now this. This feels excellent after such a period of inactivity. One could call this a stretching of legs after the lockdown.

Jasper: Jasper watched as Zeke stood up,wondering what the hell she was doing, but it didn't take long for him to catch onto her plan.He also had confidence that she knew what she was doing.Girl had spunk after all. With the police occupied for a brief moment, the bun allowed is attention to fall back to Cherry and their new truck friend. He was actually getting the same idea, but his companion voiced it first."Hell,smash away."Whatever got them out in in one piece  would be fine."I'll cover if need be." Though doing so with a whip and toxins might be a little hard.It was really time for a new weapon. Slowly he creeped around a car to a better position where the two were equally accessible, the groups had condensed around Zeke so he didn't have to worry much about flashlights and extra trouble. Once the truck was a go he could really make his move. Things were starting to heat up it seemed.Shame they couldn't finish their collab though.

Zeke: Smart idea, Zeke thought as she heard car windows breaking. She covered the noise up with cat calls towards the men and offensive taunts, dancing around like a mad women. A few had their guns pointed at her, but what's the use of shooting someone about to set themselves on fire?
"Yeah so. Hi guys. I'm betting five of you would have hit on me by now if I wasn't genetically part rabbit? I can promise the rabbit part just makes it a lot more interesting and fun." She winked at the nearest officer, who recoiled.
"But yes. I smell like spray paint, which is flammable. I have lot's of hair, and that's flammable. Also, I should mention that doesn't really matter since I have a full tank of gas in my hand? So if I drop this," She wiggled the lighter over the jug of fuel, encouraging gasps and the officers backing away. "We all just go..." she smiled, "KABOOM." A few POSRA jumped. Hey, this was fun.

Cherry: At this point, Cherry had eased into the vehicle and was tampering with wires, quite efficiently. Looking at Jasper he said "Do you wanna--?" He gestured harshly with his head towards the passenger seat. Knowing POSRA, even while incapacitated by Zeke's threats, one of them had undoubtedly signaled for backup, and at that point there'd be less of a chance of them getting out unscathed. Cherry finally convinced the engine to quietly and lazily turn over. Time for action.

Jasper: "Yea." Jasper said simply,returning to the truck to slide into the passenger seat once the engine was turned on."Impressive" he commented with a sly smile before looking back to Zeke who was clearly having plenty of fun, though he worried about how long the officers patience would last. "Time to go 'kaboom' outta here." He murmured looking at Cherry to see if he was ready to grab Zeke and bust out. There were fences all around but not something a truck couldn't take down with enough force. The faint sound of more steps grew louder in the lot.Back up was joining the party. "Vroom vroom."

Zeke: "It's empty." Zeke looked up at the inquiring officer, and laughed. "Of course it's not, young sir." The officer pointed his gun at her, "It's empty. She wouldn't be able to carry it so easily."
"Okay, first of all, that's offensive. One, despite the fact I'm a woman, I can carry it. Two, since I'm a bunny I-" She trailed off as the officers obviously didn't believe her bluff. More were approaching her slowly, guns drawn.
"Okay okay I-" She dropped the fuel tank, instead gesturing with her lighter, slowly backing towards the sound of the broken glass. She didn't dare to look that way though, as that would be too obvious.
"Drop your weapon."
"No you!" She smiled, and lit a small rag from her back pocket on fire, gesturing with it like a mad woman, the fire coming much too close to her hair.
Anytime now, guys, she thought.

Cherry: At precisely that moment (talk about some excellent timing), the remaining two rabbits shrouded in an enormous black truck busted through the group of police, unapologetically running over some officers. Three officers left uninjured began to fire, howling to their downed comrades. Cherry joined in the howling, though his whooping was joyous. He popped open one of the doors. "It's time to get out of here!" He exclaimed, grinning widely. The sound of approaching sirens grated against their sensitive ears, and it was clear backup was arriving. A muffled voice commanded over a bullhorn. "Step out of the vehicle and raise your hands above your head." Cherry had no such plan. He revved the engine playfully.

Jasper: "HAH. SWEET." Jasper shouted, amidst the uproar of bullets,human woe and Cherry's whooping.He ducked as a bullet flew dangerously close bye and was deflected off a the truck.Good thing it was tough stuff. "Hop in!" He shouted to Zeke,cracking his own door open,but for a different purpose. Reaching down the punk wrestled with an officers belt.He had been gracefully run over,leaving his waist in a convenient position for Jasper to wiggle his gun free before slamming the door shut again."Always wanted one of these." If there was time for a new weapon it was surely now. Peeking out of his broken window,Jasper started to fire back at the remaining officers.His aim was terrible,but he got one in the leg which surely counted for something. The bullhorn caught his attention though, it was time to give or get going, and with the way things looked none of them planned to do the former.

Zeke: "It's time to get out of here!" Zeke had ducked out of the way and the scampering officers, and grinned widely at the sound of Cherry's voice and the opening door of the truck. She made her way over, dropping the burning rag near an officer.
She jumped in, just in time to laugh at Jasper's words. Soon after he was firing at the officers, and she was envious she hadn't picked up a gun.
Zeke banged on Chery's seat- "Let's go!!"

Cherry: Cherry quickly flipped on the high beams, blinding the remaining police on foot at least temporarily. They leapt out of the way as he barrelled through the fence which played a violent clinking melody while being utterly obliterated by the enormous truck. “Alright back on the road!!!” Backup for the fallen officers arrived, their sirens blaring a hideous cacophony, tires screeching as two police cars lunged into view, attempting to close out the exit from the street. “Whoa hang on!” Cherry knew he could use the truck’s height to his advantage. The enormous wheels climbed onto the low hoods of the vehicles. “I love this truck” Cherry exclaimed with joy, delighting at the sheer power of the vehicle.

Jasper: Jasper had only just sat on his seat properly just to be bounced around by one hell of a bumpy ride. He was pretty sure his ears folded against to top of the vehicle at least once, but there was too much adrenaline running through his veins for him to care. In that moment the warning sirens sounded pitch perfect, and it felt like Cherry and Zeke were the bunnies he'd been longing to find since day one. Of all the times he'd been through it was this one that was the greatest. "You sure know how to pick 'em."He he said over any external noise,glancing back at Zeke to see how she was dealing with the bouncing around. "Well, time to find a new adventure.He ducked as a stray cop from before took a shot at the truck which ricocheted near his window. "Can't catch a break..."But it was POSRA after all.the punk fired back with the few bullets he had left until the bang turned into an empty click. Shame,but it had been more than enough.

Zeke: Zeke laughed, struggling to breathe as she bounced around in the back seat as Cherry rolled over cars and Jasper rambled about something that was lost in the noise of stray bullets, crunching cars, truck motors and what not. She smiled as she clung to her bag of slightly explosive materials, steadying them so the back seat wasn't blown. The smell of burnt rubber against pavement washed over her as did one of Jasper's words: "adventure." Damn right, this was an adventure. "Time to find another," she unknowingly echoed his own words.
She smiled, bouncing around the back seat as Cherry took sharp turns and Jasper emptied the barrel of his gun. Time for round two, POSRA.

Cherry: Several shots ricocheted off the truck's steel frame while Cherry couldn't contain another thrilled whooping. A muffled bullhorn voice pushed its way into his ears. "Pull over your vehicle and surrender." He veered left and smashed into the side of another police-car which  ran off the side of the road. The chase easily reached streets populated with nightlife, and the speeding cars forced humans and rabbit civilians alike to leap out of the way. Many times in a row Cherry shouted "I'M SORRY" to ears already deafened by the sound of overworked engines and sirens. A freeway entrance appeared and Cherry brought the vehicle around quickly in a u-turn, bracing his body against the centrifugal force and climbing onto the eastbound. There was a disturbing clicking that made the thief's ears twitch, but he intended to run the vehicle as far as it would go before it retired itself forever.

Jasper: Jasper smiled slightly to himself when he heard Zeke echo his words. Unknowingly or not, it seemed like they agreed. He tried to get a grip on the dashboard as Cherry continued to ram his way through annoying pursuers and civilians alike. He chuckled as Cherry shouted apologies out the window, or maybe he was apologizing for the bumpy ride? Either way, now wasn't the time to figure that out. He kept his hold on the dashboard as their 'chauffeur' turned the truck around and speeded onto the freeway. Shortly after the clicking creeped into his ears. "Sounds like this baby's about to go boom!"He shouted over lingering noise, patting the vehicle as it that would help it change its mind.

Zeke: Zeke smiled a bit frantically at their lack of anxiety these two exhibited at the sound of an impending kaboom of the very device they were trapped in. "Cherry? We should lose-" She slid across the back seat and latched onto the shoulderpads behind Jasper, "-lose the cops, and then get the hell out of this car. Booms are hella nice when you're not -OOF- in them!" Her voice rose after the "oof" that was pulled from her throat the truck hit a pothole.

Cherry: "AW RELAX" Cherry's carefree nature emerged from the woodwork as they say. Another loud clack spoke up from the undercarriage. "It'll go at least ten more miles!" He patted the exterior, his hand hanging out the window. The police continued onto the freeway but the surprise entrance threw them for a loop. They were a bit far back now, but still abusing their sirens. The traffic carried on at a nice pace and Cherry accelerated to 110 mph. The boy sure liked going fast. Two large semis came into view and the carjacker saw the perfect opportunity. He slowed to their pace and flicked off his lights, nestling between the two enormous freighters. The police carried on right past them and Cherry slowed further, letting the larger trucks pass them as he pulled off at the next exit. There was another loud noise and a conspicuous KRRRRRSHHHHHHH. Something was dragging. Oops. This part of town was dark and quiet, less clubs but still a few snoozy bars. He pulled into an alley as quickly as possible. The loud dragging was worse than nails on a chalkboard. "Whew."

Jasper: Jasper chuckled agan as Zeke slid all the way across the backseat, even if his body was pressed up against the door from a series of twists and turns now and then, but he also realized that it would be nice to not be blown into itty bitty pieces. The distance between them and the cops was reassuring, and Cherry's moves had gotten them into a good position. "Nice."He commented once the cops were off of their tails and down a different path. They would figure things out sooner or later. The crash startled the punk and his ears twitched frantically at first. It was definitely time to ditch their ride.If not the dragging would just attract attention all over again anyway. "Score for us." If you could say that. They had a messed up ride, and left unfinished graffiti, but they were still in one piece with a few less officers to deal with. Sounded like a score to him. Jasper looked around before opening the door,clumsily hitting it against the narrow alley wall before slipping out of his seat and onto the ground.

Zeke: The siren-abusing cops cleanly passed Cherry and co with an awe-inspiring lack of observation skills. Wonderful. Smart thinking on Cherry's part though. They pulled into a tight, dark alley, where Jasper proceeded to hit the door on a wall. Zeke smiled and slid out of the car herself after opening the door and glancing the wall.  
Regaining her sense of the dimly lit whereabouts, she strode purposely a good bit away from the truck, until the clicking had diminished and dampened to her ears. Down here there were a few ratty tatty shops, and something that looked like tavern. Who knows
Zeke squatted and looked in the direction of the others. At first she had attempted to sit down, but that nasty liquid on the ground was something she realized she didn't want on her thighs and pants. Better to wait and squat. Squat and wait. Wait and squat. "C'mon guys!" She called to them, letting her heartrate and breathing decrease to a more regular rate.

Cherry: At Zeke's beckoning Cherry crouched down and surveyed the street as well. "I know this place. Not a lot of POSRA come round here." He smiled, straightening up and looking back regretfully at the now unusable vehicle. "It was nice while it lasted--" He looked mournful for a second then his face bounced back to its usual brightness. "That's OHalley's over there, I can buy you both a drink!!" He clapped them on the back. Comically another thud came from underneath the truck. Oh. There goes the oil pan. "Lets. Leave that here?"

Jasper: Once he was out, Jasper, gravitated toward Zeke who had made the wise decision of putting some distance between themselves and their getaway car,plus she'd called them over anyway. "Then we can stay here while POSRA unties their panties." Jasper took a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket and put one in his mouth, but didn't light it just yet.The mention of a drink made his face light up a bit and he flashed a smile when he was clapped on the back, only to furrow his eyebrows at the thud from the truck near them."Yep, sounds like a good idea to me."

Zeke: Zeke laughed at the thought of POSRA and panties. At Cherry's words she glanced over in the direction Cherry seemed to convey O'Halley's was. "Free drink?" Cherry slapped her on the back. "Sounds good to me." The sound of something from under the truck hitting the ground sent sound vibration to the two ears. Time to get even farther away, she thought. "Lead the way, Cherry?"

Cherry: "Yeah of course!" Cherry stood up, brushing off his shorts. "It's just down this way--" He smiled a secret smile this time, having really enjoyed the company of the other two brigadiers. "I hope you like whiskey, they've got a lot of it."
Police Cars KaPow

Here's our completed RP log of what we must affectionately call Police Cars KaPow. LOVE THESE CHILDREN. New friends. Yes. Love new friends. LilyBenet topped off at 2363 wc, TheCaramelApple came in at around 2336 wc and I ended up with 2006 wc. That's 6705 total. Plus the 50% bonus for three person collab, thats a neat package!!!

Thanks Lily and Apple for being such great rp partners! We'll have to do it again sometime. Actually finishing an rp is really gratifying I've gotta say.
GTAmbulance by Before-Knights

An intimidation mission spearheaded by Framboise leads to the commandeering of an ambulance and subsequently stealing some supplies for the BJBB medic teams. Drawn for an unfinished RP! More excerpt art to follow. This was my first time being kind of pleased with how a finished image turned out. Once I pass sketch stage I feel really displeased with my work generally so this must mean I'm improving somehow. 

Time: 4 hours
Vroom Vroom Motherheckers by Before-Knights
Vroom Vroom Motherheckers

Collaboration between myself, Cara and Lily!! Based on a roleplay still in progress but once it's completed, I'll take the time to link it here and I'm sure we'll submit it. 

Cherry Alldice, sketch and lines (c) Before-Knights
Ezekiel Daniels, flat colors (c) LilyBenet
Jasper Kael, shading (c) TheCaramelApple


Before-Knights's Profile Picture
United States
My names are Gabriel and Skarrow and I'm okay with you calling me Knights. I like to storify but I'm super bad at RP and it makes me nervous. My most prized characters are as follows: Aisling, Hermes, Iren, Maurus and Raoul. My pronouns are they/them/their, it/it/its , or he/him/his. My gender is pancakes. If you'd like to storify with me and build character stuff then you can message me via skype (Quandariously). Carry on.

Hey! Wouldn't you know it, everyone's favorite dystopian rabbit hybrid group BJBB is having an opening very soon. In fact, app checks begin in less than a week! The group will open for join requests between October 9th and October 18th. This opening is especially exciting because it's all tied up in a new arc for the group! This time, all applicants are involved in the police's sudden crackdown on any rumor of brigade activity. This involves innocent bunnies who are falsely accused of being members. Not to mention, there's a mentor system in place, so if you'd like to join, I (or any other current member) can show you the ropes. And if you write on your app that I recommended you, and you succeed in getting in, you automatically get 25 points! That's like the value of a lineart with base color. Or something. Pretty cool. Go ahead and take a look at the opening announcement for more info on that and some other stuff as well. If you'd like some context for the group, check out the Story or Setting journals! Raring to go already? Go wild.


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