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My names are Gabriel and Skarrow and I'm okay with you calling me Knights. I like to storify but I'm super bad at RP and it makes me nervous. My most prized characters are as follows: Aisling, Hermes, Iren, Maurus and Raoul. My pronouns are they/them/their, it/it/its , or he/him/his. My gender is pancakes. If you'd like to storify with me and build character stuff then you can message me via skype (Quandariously). Carry on.
(this is about parents, sexual abuse, depression, and abandonment)
my mom abuses me, and then makes me think that i'm the one in the wrong for being who i am and doing what i do. my dad agrees that she abuses me but wont help me to live, wont help out for college, wont find me a place to live even though he owns four houses, even though he's a rich guy. i have a tertiary parent figure but her husband sexually harassed me as an elementary through high school student. its like theres nowhere safe to go on this entire planet and its so frustrating!!!! i dont have friends who are in the position to have me and even if i did, i'd be too shy to ask for help. i feel really really alone right now. and that's very normal but every time i realize it, it hurts a lot. every time i really need support (which is a lot, all the time, considering my well-meaning (????????) but entirely harmful parents). there's not even a soul i can talk to about this, or any other things in my kinda wacked out life. at least it felt better to write it down and put it out into the world somewhere, knowing that maybe someone read it. knowing that theres a record somewhere of who i am and what i'm feeling. 

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