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[SOA] Xeno SS by Before-Knights
[SOA] Xeno SS
PinkFlush asked for Xeno and their santa's character having a good time! So here's Xeno reading Kyaros' fortune, a three card spread of the magician, the inverted emperor and the hanged man. Ky picks up the fool for Xeno. Joke's on you, Ky!! The fool can be interpreted as new beginnings.

Kyaros: "I don't really believe in fortune telling"
Kyaros: "I did it to appease him"
Kyaros: "I don't understand humans with such a bright and innocent disposition" //looks down at book dismissively

Xeno belongs to PinkFlush
Kyaros belongs to me!

Happy holidays! I'm sorry if anything came across as ooc x0 I'm going to probably try to recolor soon, but I want to upload what I have since it's christmas already :P

Oh and one more thing! I hope you like apple

Contemplation by Before-Knights
Cherry belongs to me and he belongs in BJBB! I actually spent a lot of time on this since this is not my usual way of color/drawing. I like it though
[CH3:T1] Punching Bag by Before-Knights
[CH3:T1] Punching Bag

Sieg Un Der Einfall Chapter 3 Theme 1 Submission! 

Cherry Alldice (c) Me

I gotta say, I'm sorry for not shading this! It looks so unfinished but that's probably because it is, even though I put in some time on it. I'll try to finish it some time but I won't have enough time today or for the next maybe week or so. Here's a bonus doodle. Cherry's been training a little harder lately, maybe he's still miffed about the whole... public execution incident. All's well that ends well, right Cherry?
[SOA] Beastly Visage by Before-Knights
[SOA] Beastly Visage
Kyaros: MA1057
Grody-ass sketch. Man I liked the uncolored version better but whatever. Here's what Ky looked like during part of the event. Enjoy this emaciated albino electric wolf thing.


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United States
My names are Gabriel and Skarrow and I'm okay with you calling me Knights. I like to storify but I'm super bad at RP and it makes me nervous. My most prized characters are as follows: Aisling, Hermes, Iren, Maurus and Raoul. My pronouns are they/them/their, it/it/its , or he/him/his. My gender is pancakes. If you'd like to storify with me and build character stuff then you can message me via skype (Quandariously). Carry on.

Hey everyone! One of my favorite groups is having an opening! App checks are between January 1st and January 7th, while the opening is from January 8th to January 15th!!!!! There is a mentor system, so if you'd like me to help out, I'm available in the afternoons generally between 5-10 pm PST (GMT -8). Enjoy dystopia? Enjoy rabbit-people? Join Join Join Join Join~


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